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You'll learn about the variations in durability, cost, and maintenance requirements for each type of pool, as well as the corresponding advantages and drawbacks.

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Inground and Above Ground Pool Installation Tampa

If you're reading this, you're probably considering pool installation Tampa. Alternatively, you may like to compare two pool types in order to acquire a better understanding. Whatever your motivations, this article will cover all you have to know.

You'll learn about the variations in durability, cost, and maintenance requirements for each type of pool, as well as the corresponding advantages and drawbacks.

Inground Pool

Inground pools are constructed underneath ground level and are available in three primary materials: concrete, fiberglass, or vinyl. However, once an inground pool is installed, it is virtually permanent. As a result, swimming pools are frequently preferred by homeowners who live in warmer climes.

Inground pools not only provide a reliable source of recreation and fitness; they also add aesthetic and commercial value to a house. As a result, they not only look fantastic but also add value to your property.

Having said that, inground pools are well-known for their longevity – some can last a lifetime with proper maintenance. However, we are referring to the repairs and improvements that will eventually be necessary as the pool ages.

Above Ground Pool

Above-ground pools are a temporary alternative to swimming in your backyard. They can be installed in most back yards in a matter of weeks or less, with the option of portability if necessary. These pools are frequently found in more diverse areas when warm weather lasts only a few months of the year.

Having said that, above-ground pools cost less than half as much as the cheapest in-ground pools. Additionally, they are simpler to maintain and install. However, there are some apparent restrictions to owning one, such as size and value retention.

Types of Inground Pools


Concrete pools are the only type of pool that can be completely customized. Pool owners can construct whatever corner, curve, or waterfall they can think of, from size to shape; this is because concrete pools are built entirely from scratch.

Pool building Tampa come in to excavate the pit, construct the framework, and lay the concrete, among other tasks.


The term "vinyl pool" refers to an inground pool installation Tampa lined with vinyl. The liner completely covers the inside surface of the pool, similar to wallpaper.

Vinyl pools are often the least expensive to install of the three varieties. However, the primary disadvantage is that the liners must be replaced several times during the pool's lifetime.


Fiberglass pools are the only form of the pool that arrives pre-built and ready for installation. That is because they are created using a mold. When the time comes for installation, the pool contractors Tampa team digs the hole, connects the plumbing, and drops the pool into place.

Types of Above Ground Pools

Above-ground pools can be constructed using a variety of materials, including metal, vinyl, and aluminum. Additionally, some manufacturers attach a unique resin coating to the pool's interior wall, a more recent design style that helps extend the pool's life.

The basic circular and rectangle designs are pretty much the only options in terms of size and shape. There aren't many available options to choose from.

On the other hand, most people are surprised to learn that above-ground pools offer approximately the same width and length as most inground pools. Naturally, with above-ground pools, you are restricted to a consistent depth across the pool.

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